Short Term Working Capital Loan

A strategic business loan Singapore solution that offers funds upfront, and is repaid in fixed amounts over a regular monthly repayment schedule, to boost local SMEs working capital.

financial consultancy

Project based Structure Financing/Invoice Financing

Take control of your cashflow. Unlock the value of your invoices immediately by pledging your invoice to us for immediate cash.

Bridging Loan

Fund the down payment of a new property while you wait for sales proceeds from your existing property.

Investment Opportunities &

Reach out for more Investment opportunities, join us in co-funding successful large-scale projects today and partake in the returns.

At Xingang

we provide a vehicle for resources to be shared meaningfully and sustainably.


We make realistic commitments, keep our promises and create an atmosphere of trust, in which concerns can be fully raised.

Client Satisfaction

We believe in treating each of our customers in a manner that we would want to be treated, and strive to achieve that goal on a daily basis.


We encourage creativity and freedom of thought as this provides the right environment to create the best products and services.


We believe in collaboration:
Listen and

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