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Xingang Investment – Services

Short Term Working Capital Loan

A strategic business funding solution that offers funds upfront, and is repaid in fixed amounts over a regular monthly repayment schedule, to boost local company’s working capital.

Enjoy flexible repayment period up to 6 months.
Xingang Investment offers up to S$500,000 to local companies.

Key Features and Benefits

• Enjoy faster approval than banks
• Offers lump sum disbursement of funds upfront
• Customized repayment schedule & amount in place
• Flexible Repayment scheme
• No impact on credit standing
• Enhance cash flow management for business operations

Project based Structure Financing/Invoice Financing

Take control of your cashflow. Unlock the value of your invoices immediately by pledging your invoice to us for immediate cash.

• Receive cash upfront for your invoices
• Up to 80% of invoice value
• Quantum up to S$500,000
• Purchase inventory to take advantage of bulk &/or early payment discounts from suppliers to improve business profitability

Bridging Loan

Fund the down payment of a new property while you wait for sales proceeds from your existing property.

• Easy Application
• Fast Turnaround Time
• Flexible Repayment Scheme
• Letting you move ahead with a new property purchase as we ease your cash flow

Investment Opportunities & Collaborations

Reach out for more Investment opportunities and join us in co-funding successful large scale projects today
  • We are a bridge between the worlds of businesses and financial investment.
  • Offer strategic partnerships by introducing good investments to investment partners.
  • We also have an experience credit team and strong management team to help manage your projects.

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